Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sad news

Another has passed. Joe Jacobs died this last week. May he rest in peace.
Once again we speak of how sad it is we only see family at funerals. All are so busy. The family has gotten so big and spread out all across the country.
I did get to meet the wonder woman, Cousin Lucille, that in 1989 compiled the family history of names and dates. What a huge undertaking. I cant thank her enough for her effort.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Family Resemblance

Recently I was sent a photo of Charles Nirschl and wife Helen from long ago.

He was the #7 child and 4th son of John Nirschl.

You sure can tell they are family!!!

Charles’s daughter and I would like to purchase markers for the four family members who do not have any. Does anyone know of a good place that might make us a deal?

Friday, February 22, 2008

At Rest

All have been located for the John Nirschl Family.
There appears to be one more child that died while John and Theres lived in Germany
Marriages and Children in birth order (year of death, burial)

John Nirschl (1937, St. Peter Cemetery, Willowdale) and Magdalena Unknown (Germany)
Theresia (Nirschl) Jacobs (1969, St. Marks Cemetery, St. Marks) -- our direct line
Helena (Nirschl) Hargot (1920, St. Rose, Mt. Vernon)

Second marriage 1898, Iggensbach, Germany; John Nirschl and Theres Unrecht (1955, Nichols Cemetery, Zenda)
John Joseph (1966, Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Wellington)
Joseph (1933, St. Boniface Cemetery, Sharon)
Max (1935, St. Peter Cemetery, Willowdale)
Christine (1921, St. Boniface Cemetery, Sharon)
Charles (1957, Walnut Cemetery, Crawford Co. KS)
Maria (15 months old, died on boat to US 1909)
Ludwig (1 month old, died on boat to US 1909)
Albert (1979, Nichols Cemetery, Zenda)

John (father), Max, Christine and Joseph are in unmarked graves. Thoughts of changing that are being looked into. Suggestions are welcomed!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


John Nirschl
b. 9 Dec 1865 Iggensbach, Germany
d. 20 Aug 1937 Zenda, KS
Kidney Disease

Max Nirschl
b. 3 Nov 1903 Iggensbach, Germany
d. 23 July 1935 Zenda, KS
Accidental or Suicide

Burial dates with St. Peter Catholic Church, Willowdale, KS -- unmarked graves


I had been told quite a few years back that Theresia (Nirschl) Jacobs had a sister that died in childbirth. It wasn’t clear what her name was. Something like Christina. She had married a man Dominick Hairgut or Hergot
I didn’t have the name Helena until we got the wedding photo for Theresia and Joseph. Didn’t know there was a Lena till I did census work. Didn’t know Helena and Lena were the same person until I received Alien Registrations papers.
Made a bunch of calls to Medicine Lodge yesterday. Their public library was so helpful. Over the phone she found out two of the Nirschl children were buried in St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery in Sharon, Kansas. Big question they are both in the same plot. One was at least 15 the other was at least 28. AND there is no maker AND no record of birth or death dates. That too will be solved…. Anyway… One of the children was a Christine.
So she is now removed for the guessing game. So back to Lena she was single in 1918 on the Alien Registration papers so maybe she married Dominick. Searched for Lena Hargot 1920 census, since I had no luck looking for Dominick. MATCH. Evan Township, Kingman, Kansas – otherwise known as Mt. Vernon. Mt Vernon has a cemetery and once again Find A Grave did the trick to confirm.

Of the five unknown, three have been found. The last two soon.....!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Small step forward

A little bit of info today. Microfilm at the public library shows John Nirschl in Kansas in 1925. So I have scratched off another five years. In State of Kansas search for death certificates that is $12!! Ca ching!
Talked to a wonderful lady at the Medicine Lodge Library that on the phone found cemetery information for Sharon Kansas to let me know Joe and Christine Nirschl are buried in St. Boniface Cemetery… in the same plot! We both went “Hugh??”
Once again a couple of answers but more questions!
Clarification today. Same block number, same lot number but that "lot" contains EIGHT graves. Four with another family. Four with the Nirschl name. One each for Christine and Joseph - two empty! Whew!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ups and Downs

UP!! – Story had it that Trace Nirschl had a child die on the boat trip to America. After getting the papers from the Archives with immigration information such as date, boat and port. I was able to search for the ship manifest without using the name Nirschl. Sure enough it was misspelled. Tirschl and Virschl. Handwriting transcription error.
LIST OR MANIFEST OF ALIEN PASSENGERS FOR THE UNITED STATES, Ship SS Koln, Sailing from Bremen, Germany on November 25, 1909 Port of Arrival Galveston, Texas Date of arrival December 20, 1909

Line 4 - 13 list Trace and her two step daughters Theresa (Jacobs) 17 and her sister Magdalena 14.
Then the children Trace and John had, John 9, Joseph 8, Max 4y 6 m, Christine 3 y 6m, Carl (Charles) 2, that we know about. Additional listings Maria age 1y 3m and Ludwig age 1 m, that died after getting on the boat November 25, 1909 and before May, 4 1910 census. Which makes the story of them dying on the boat true. How horribly sad for that family.

DOWN! – Received my return envelope from the State of Kansas with my original request and my check. Looks like the state does not have a name data base. You have to have the date of death or a 5 year span to request death certificates. So now I am stuck!
Need date of death or 5 year range for:
John Nirschl – father
Anyone have a clue???