Friday, February 22, 2008

At Rest

All have been located for the John Nirschl Family.
There appears to be one more child that died while John and Theres lived in Germany
Marriages and Children in birth order (year of death, burial)

John Nirschl (1937, St. Peter Cemetery, Willowdale) and Magdalena Unknown (Germany)
Theresia (Nirschl) Jacobs (1969, St. Marks Cemetery, St. Marks) -- our direct line
Helena (Nirschl) Hargot (1920, St. Rose, Mt. Vernon)

Second marriage 1898, Iggensbach, Germany; John Nirschl and Theres Unrecht (1955, Nichols Cemetery, Zenda)
John Joseph (1966, Prairie Lawn Cemetery, Wellington)
Joseph (1933, St. Boniface Cemetery, Sharon)
Max (1935, St. Peter Cemetery, Willowdale)
Christine (1921, St. Boniface Cemetery, Sharon)
Charles (1957, Walnut Cemetery, Crawford Co. KS)
Maria (15 months old, died on boat to US 1909)
Ludwig (1 month old, died on boat to US 1909)
Albert (1979, Nichols Cemetery, Zenda)

John (father), Max, Christine and Joseph are in unmarked graves. Thoughts of changing that are being looked into. Suggestions are welcomed!

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