Thursday, February 21, 2008


I had been told quite a few years back that Theresia (Nirschl) Jacobs had a sister that died in childbirth. It wasn’t clear what her name was. Something like Christina. She had married a man Dominick Hairgut or Hergot
I didn’t have the name Helena until we got the wedding photo for Theresia and Joseph. Didn’t know there was a Lena till I did census work. Didn’t know Helena and Lena were the same person until I received Alien Registrations papers.
Made a bunch of calls to Medicine Lodge yesterday. Their public library was so helpful. Over the phone she found out two of the Nirschl children were buried in St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery in Sharon, Kansas. Big question they are both in the same plot. One was at least 15 the other was at least 28. AND there is no maker AND no record of birth or death dates. That too will be solved…. Anyway… One of the children was a Christine.
So she is now removed for the guessing game. So back to Lena she was single in 1918 on the Alien Registration papers so maybe she married Dominick. Searched for Lena Hargot 1920 census, since I had no luck looking for Dominick. MATCH. Evan Township, Kingman, Kansas – otherwise known as Mt. Vernon. Mt Vernon has a cemetery and once again Find A Grave did the trick to confirm.

Of the five unknown, three have been found. The last two soon.....!

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