Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ups and Downs

UP!! – Story had it that Trace Nirschl had a child die on the boat trip to America. After getting the papers from the Archives with immigration information such as date, boat and port. I was able to search for the ship manifest without using the name Nirschl. Sure enough it was misspelled. Tirschl and Virschl. Handwriting transcription error.
LIST OR MANIFEST OF ALIEN PASSENGERS FOR THE UNITED STATES, Ship SS Koln, Sailing from Bremen, Germany on November 25, 1909 Port of Arrival Galveston, Texas Date of arrival December 20, 1909

Line 4 - 13 list Trace and her two step daughters Theresa (Jacobs) 17 and her sister Magdalena 14.
Then the children Trace and John had, John 9, Joseph 8, Max 4y 6 m, Christine 3 y 6m, Carl (Charles) 2, that we know about. Additional listings Maria age 1y 3m and Ludwig age 1 m, that died after getting on the boat November 25, 1909 and before May, 4 1910 census. Which makes the story of them dying on the boat true. How horribly sad for that family.

DOWN! – Received my return envelope from the State of Kansas with my original request and my check. Looks like the state does not have a name data base. You have to have the date of death or a 5 year span to request death certificates. So now I am stuck!
Need date of death or 5 year range for:
John Nirschl – father
Anyone have a clue???


Susan Rhodes said...

John Joseph Nirschl who is buried in Wellington, KS is my grandfather. His daughter Dorothy was my mother. Interesting to find this information. His son James is deceased. I have lost track of his other son, Leo, I do not know if he is still living.

Susan Rhodes

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Susan again. I have some pictures that my brother has scanned of the family.... but I don't have a name or email address anymore. I lost everything this fall and have just now "refound" this site. Same email address.

Susan Rhodes
Granddaughter of John Joseph Nirschl

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, this is Shirley (Nirschl) Born, daughter of Charles and Helen Nirschl. You had talked to my sister Mary Jane in Baxter Springs, KS. I love the picture, and I'd be glad to contribute to the headstone fund.